Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bali Day 2: Uluwatu Temple + Padang-padang Beach + Jimbaran Seafood Dinner

Rise and shine everyone! Today's schedule is not as tight as day1. We woke up around 9++, grabbed breakfast before heading out to town.

Driver dropped us at Krisna Sunset Road to do some souvenirs buying. 
At first we both decided not to buy much because it was only the second day and we weren't sure if the price is cheaper compare to those outside but on the last day before we went to airport, we requested the driver to drop us there again cus this place sells a lot cheaper.

There are sooooo many things to see and to buy. You can get all sort of souvenirs there with good price so please save money and spend more there rather than market/stalls outside.

Dropped by some random stall while we were on the way Uluwatu.

Soto Ayam! One of my favourite indon food.

We reached Uluwatu around 1pm where the sun shines bright!

In every temple you go in Bali, there are parts where you need to cover. 
You couldn't go in with your super short/hot pants (esp girls). You don't have to worry if your pants is short, every main tourist temple tend to have someone at the entrance who will lend you a sarong to wrap it around your waist. I think this is the basic respect to the gods so please do. 

For guys, if your pants touches knee length, they will just wrap your waist with a piece of short scarf. (idk what to call that) Sleeveless top is not an issue btw.

Sorry, i'm not a animal friendly person. Shot taken by bf, not me.

Driver asked us to go for dance watching-Kecak Dance but we refused cus it costs around RM50 and above per person if i'm not mistaken. I google it, maybe you can consider to watch in youtube if you want. Click HERE!

It was so hot that i want to hide myself under these umbrella.

Drinks that quench your thirst on a sunny day!

Since it was still early for dinner, we went to Padang-padang beach for a short walk. For some reason, i don't prefer the driver because the amount we paid should have covered all those parking fees yet he asked for it every time he dropped us down somewhere. 

Padang-padang beach is definitely one of the best place to go surfing! i was telling the bf i was so regret not wearing my bikini that day, else i would jump into the sea and swim.

Watch this video about surfing in padang-padang beach. Click HERE!

Last destination is to catch the sunset at Jimbaran beach along with seafood dinner.

Not mine apparently, its from the table beside us! HAHA.

The corn i was holding is one of the must-try in Jimbaran. SO GOOD, SO BUTTER-LICIOUS!

Dinner was just alright. 
There are SO MANY restaurants along the beach and every resturant sells the same thing. I wanted to go Lia's cafe (after google-ing) but driver said it was closed. Not sure whether he cheated or what. He brought us this restaurant and he earned from that if i'm not mistaken.

The dinner is by far the most expensive dinner i had there, around RM150+ for two, it came in a package with rice+squid+fish+vegetables. Drinks are not included.

There were performances while we were eating. There were dance, band etc.

Went back to Kuta after dinner and had some walk around the place we stayed. It was quite a happening place, there are pubs, markets, shopping malls, beach etc. Will introduce the hotel soon in next post maybe.


henry tan said...

hello darling! surprisingly you are still active in blogging! haha
anyway so syok la! should have join you all to bali! >.<


Unknown said...


Julia Wortel said...

nice photos .. Bali

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