Monday, October 20, 2014

Bali Day 1: Lovina Dolphin Tour + Ulun Danu Temple + Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest + Tanah Lot (sunset watching)

Haven't been here for the longest time and the only thing i want to do is- update my trip back in Bali.

Let me tell you something about Bali. You might know how beautiful this place is, but you might not know the curse of it. You probably heard from you friend before about this 'Bali Curse'. The curse means, couple who travel to Bali will be cursed and break up in no time. I don't believe this sort of curse but friends of mine who did travel to bali with their partner broke up after their trip. There are few different version of this curse but its up to you to believe or not. 

Took a few days break back in May for a short escapade to Bali. It was such a headache picking hotels in Bali because we were looking for great and affordable place to stay. I will introduce later in other post so if you happen to drop my here, perhaps i might help you a little.

Touched down at Denpasar Airport around 7+pm, the journey took about 3 hours. There is no time difference between Malaysia & Bali (if i'm not mistaken). We rent a driver+car to drive us around Bali and it costs about 400,000IDR per day per car. I advise you to travel in a group of 4 or more to reduce costs. Different driver uses different type of car, like my case, it was a Toyota Innova.

I done research on where to eat before traveling to Lovina but the driver says its far so he brought us to those restaurants which only served travelers and first meal costs us around RM65. The name of this shop is Malioboro-Ayam Tulang Lunak btw. 
#kenapotong #kenatipu

We decided to travel to Lovina on the night itself and it was a long 3 hours journey. We booked a hostel which costs around RM85 because we knew we wouldn't spend long day there. The review of the hostel was good but the only down part was, no toiletries(shampoo/body shower/toothpaste/tooth brush) provided. Even if i want to buy from the hostel itself, there wasn't any =/ 

We paid 140,000IDR (2 person) for dolphin tour. You can book through the hostel itself but it was slightly expensive so i booked it separately. A men came and pick us up at 530am. Our hostel is located beside the beach so he cycled and we walked behind him.

The boat man said the earlier we came out, the higher possibility we can see dolphin because there will be more and more and more boats coming in. Well, it's true. We were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins but it was gone mins after. Sooner or after, i saw there were so many boats 'hunting' for dolphins. 

Didn't able to capture picture of dolphins but manged to take videos. There were so closed to our boat (like a few times). I really wish i could swim together with them. Not forgetting the mesmerizing sunrise in Bali!

Headed back to hostel to grab a simple breakfast before starting the journey to Ulun Danu Temple.

Bye puppy! You're reallyyyyy cute.

Forgotten how long we took to reach Ulun Danu from Lovina. Approximately 1.5 hours from Lovina? I cant really remember after so long.

The driver was supposed to pick us up an hour after but i think we ended up staying there for 2 hours? We were really busy taking photos, from my phone to his DSLR, to  GOPRO and finally my polaroid. And i did a little shopping there, the pic above was candid shot taken by boyfie =)

 Lunch- Baby Guling!
The trip is not complete without trying this.

Dropped by this place to see monkeys. Yes, monkeysssssssssss.
The monkeys could just go anywhere they want, scared me off because the kakak said prefer not to have specs/cameras etc because they'll grab anything. 

Not a bad place to visit, if you have time in between before going off to Tanah Lot, drop by here. Entrance fees is cheap.

AND.........TADAAAAA! The last destination-Tanah Lot Temple.
You need to pay before going in but i forgot how much. There is a different price for visitors and locals so take note. 

Walked around the market since we reached early. 

Have to admit that boyfie took good candid shot of mine instead of me posing in front of camera. Wtf.

Didn't took a lot of sunset photo, but a lot of pictures posing around.

The photo i love the most =*

Saw many people queued up for this so i followed also. Apparently it was drinking the mountain water and it is believe that it will bring you good luck. 

Checked in to our hotel in Kuta and it was an free-and-easy time. Packed dinner back to hotel and it was sooooo tasteless. One thing to conclude is, things ain't cheap in Kuta ranging from food to souvenirs. So if you're eyeing on something, i'm sure you get a good price elsewhere.

That's the end of my day trip! Hopefully i will update more when i'm motivated.


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