Sunday, November 3, 2013

#October Issues

Random things i would like to share on October with you all. =)

#1 Went for Eason Chen's concert at Stadium Merdeka with baby. 

#2 Baby's first time attending a live concert. He said he was like a kampong boy going out to city, haha.
#3 Some snacks that baby bought from Aussie becasue he felt guilty for not bringing me there.

#4 Baby Yenwei ACCA graduation at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

#5 The october babies (Yenwei & Karlin) birthday celebration at Genting. Appreciate time like these with them, simply grateful. 

#6 Myburgerlab OUG stress test with baby! Congrats =)

#7 Selfie with my little honey, Ashton boy! Love seeing him at home after work =)

#8 Random days where i decided to cook (rare case).

#9 A random Sunday where we hanged out in Starbucks.

#10 Discovered a new favourite place for brunch! (read my previous post to know more)

A simple catch up on October! 
Loving today because today is company's off day, a non-working monday. 

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