Sunday, September 1, 2013

Old good times in kampar UTAR

Saw Karlin updated a post saying the best time during her university was foundation studies. 
that's why i decided to post some pictures here to reminisce the old good times.

We've a family name, we named it 'mamalia', inspired by me! We have nicknames which ends with '....lia'. You might think this is stupid, but we like it. Who cares? HAHA! 

We have 7 members in this family & we're still as close as ever.

Enjoyed those time where we went out together in a big group.

First day of class, a very big class.

Those time where i was being called 'lady gaga' cus of my hair.

Those days where we car-pooled to school.

Last day of foundation. We pakat together to wear black! 

I used to tell people i hate pink, but this picture proves it wrong. HAHA!

Those days where we had prepare nothing for birthday and we carried all the things we had in fridge & called it a BIRTHDAY PARTYY!

When you were too bored in class.

It's still the best car for 7 of us till now.


Karling & Eqing's bedmates

Bunnies in the house!

Imma bee!


My favourite girls! BFF <3 p="">

All the best in your future undertakings my friends.
each of you guys brought me tons of happiness during that one whole year.
keep in touch =)

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