Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love in Busan Guest House, Busan National University

Looking for budget guesthouse in Busan? 
Well, there is one here i would personally recommend you all.

Love in Busan Guest House is located near Busan National University station (orange line- stn 128, 5 mins walking distance). It is 6 subway stations away from Nopo Express Bus Terminal. The area itself has abundance of cafes, restaurants, shopping attractions and entertainment options.  
It takes about 30 minutes to Haeundae, 25 minutes to Guangalli Beach, and 35 minutes to Jagalchi Market.

Ahjussi  (아저시)  from the guesthouse, the boss

The dining area

The living room

See the whole stack of towel? They prepared towel for change everyday. You don't have to worry if you didn't bring along your towel. 

You can use the computer whenever you want. They do provide free wifi.

The place where i used to lye on every night texting with my boyfriend, haha!

Breakfast is normally included when you make your booking. Breakfast is available on 7am-1030am.
The ahjussi normally prepare bread, fruits, coffee, cereals, and ramen for breakfast. After 1030am, he will put the ramen back to the drawer. The rest thing on the table (as shown below), you can have it anytime you want. 

You can make your own coffee, make your own bento using the microwave. Ahjussi will prepare rice every morning. You can take the rice, fry an egg (if u want), then take any side dishes prepared by him to eat. If you want to save cost, you may consider taking your meal in the guesthouse.


U can eat anything you like in the fridge (Juices/Eggs/Side dishes/Ice cream). All is free, even the fruits are. Some is being labelled, it might be other guest's food so better ask before you eat.

My favourite dumpling! SO GOOOOD.

Tadaaa! Free meal prepared by me =)

You can actually cook if u want to but please wash it after used.

Travel guide books available in multiple languages. Ahjussi allowed us to take the book out. So kind of him =) I think he kinda like me & my friend. 

My dorm for 4 nights (20,000KRW per night-according to season), approx RM58 per night.
Mine is basic 4 bed female dorm. Every room are well equipped with air-conditioned, bunk beds, a dressing table and a personal locker.

Basic 6 bed mixed room

Met lot of Koreans there, mostly for holiday.

You can also order delivery as well. You probably need ahjussi to help. See what we got for supper? 
The must-try fried chicken. The best fried chicken ever <3 .="" p="">

Sent HuiYi off to the airport & i got to hang around in Busan myself. Thanks for taking me to places & bringing me around. She's the best translator ever =)

They do provide free laundry/ironing services, dry cleaning services and luggage storage. 
 They also have seperated shower rooms for men and women with all the toiletries provided.

You can make your booking through hostels.com/agoda.com/bookings.com to look for the availability of room. Really thumbs up for this guesthouse. The guesthouse i stayed in Seoul is so much lousier.

Log Off, nightsy.


Henry Tan said...

hey i tell u initially i thought busan is like kampung or what... LOLLL now only know is a huge advanced city with buildings!

Ioana Stan said...

Your insight regarding Busan is great! I really enjoyed reading your article and you gave me another reason to visit this wonderful place. I bought my ticket already thanks to flysky.ro and I am now waiting for the time to pass until the 4th of february comes so I can finaly accomplish my long lasting dream.....KOREA ^^