Monday, August 19, 2013

Korean class in CNU, Gwangju

Though it was just a one month summer program, but participants were still required to pick up classes each day except for wednesday & weekend. Why?


okay la, not exactly a "play" day, but there were field trips on every single wednesday & weekend so we don't have to go class.

Everyone was supposed to take 2 classes but i took only one. Reason why is because all others classes were fully booked so i can only take one. My tuition fees were being waived so it doesn't really matter to me.Taking one korean speaking & listening class was already more than enough for me! 

My classroom, 9am-12pm (Korean time)

Those days before exam T____T

My korean 선생님 (teacher)

Daniel, the korean buddy in our class.

My desk mates! PeiTzu (Taiwan), HuiYi (M'sia)

Teacher gave us all chocolates, a book and a picture as souvenirs. I wasn't in the picture cuz i skipped my class on the day they took that picture T____T

Our autograph for Daniel & 선생님

Here are some pictures with my classmates:

Thanks to my korean teacher, now i manage to read Korean words.
at least i know how to pronounce those 'circle and square'. HAHA!
might consider to take classes here to brush up my Korean.

Till then.