Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chonnam National University, Gwangju

Decided to write something about my university in Korea so there you go :)
I did my summer school exchange in Chonnam National University (CNU), Gwangju.
Well, not many people heard about Gwangju 光州. People most heard about Seoul/Busan.
Gwangju is the 5th largest city in South Korea, roughly 3.5 hours drive from Seoul.
it's not a big city,its something like Ipoh, a peaceful place.

There were 2 guys to welcome me & huiyi once we were at the arrival hall. Sadly i didn't get to walk around in the airport even on the day i left =( i didn't get to visit their duty free shops. There's like MANYYY duty free shops but yea, i was in a rush when i caught my flight back to Malaysia so i missed shopping around. T_______T

Bought a bus ticket to Gwangju from Incheon Airport & it costs around 33000won (approx RM99).
i slept all the way because i was so tired & i'm glad that the bus seat was so comfortable =)

Arrived in Gwangju Bus Terminal around evening & coordinator from CNU sent a van over and drove us to CNU. Something similiar to public uni in m'sia, national university has a better local qualification and it's slightly harder for student to enter.

The most historical building in CNU

Music college

Walked pass this road every single day


I was staying in Block D, the newest block

Recycle bins

Humun (后门)  street, the place where i normally hanged out every single day. Lots of restaurants/cafes/boutiques etc. Heaven for me when was there.

All my housemates, from Taiwan, China, France & Russia

When i first saw this, i was like: "Wah, very canggih!". Well, at least mmu hostel doesn't have this. 
oh yea, the entrance of block D has a lockpad as well. You need to key in your student id, put your finger print then only it opens. 

Laundry room. Put 200won (around RM0.50) then you can do laundry already.

I've a weird habit. I like to iron all my clothes (except pyjamas) before putting in to the cupboard. 

Mirrors! Right outside the lift.

The electronic weight machine, the epic one! Every time i came out from my room, i saw girls stood on it. I myself did the same thing as well. I gained 2kgs =(

There are 3 rooms in total. I was the first to check in so i picked my own room. 
I chose the last room, room C! 


Uni's compound is pretty big and i used to get lost inside. I knew the way to class and to humun street only. The dorm is quite well equipped and of course, loving my housemates very much. They're beyond friendly and i miss them!

Till then.
Happy Raya Holiday everyone.


Henry Tan said...

haha let me be the first one to comment! always support one! =D

anyway wow! so fast u went and back too ad! ohhhh now only i know gwangju is like ipoh lol! and rm99 = 33000won? wow u sure be the millionaire there! =p

university looks big and nice! and the building structure is totally different with malaysia!

haha canggih ofcoz, samsung leh! hahaha

the room seems nice and simple. but a bit weird to hang clothes on top of ur bed.. everyday see ur clothes before sleep. haha

paiseh comment too long. haha

Viviana Chong said...

Hi, I am going to CNU summer program this coming June, would like to know did you study any subjects there?
and how did you travel to there?
I need advise badly :(

Jessealxy said...

Hi.... i would like to ask what is the different between 2 people dorm and 6 people dorm??

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