Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chonnam National University International Summer School 2013

Annyeonghaseyo! =)
So happy to be here in South Korea right now (Gwangju). I'm here for a summer school program & i'll be going back to Malaysia a month later.

I'm getting in love with my university,food, people and etc. I gained weight like crazy! =(
 I gained 2kg just after a week here because Korean's used to have rice every single meal & their portion is quite big including all those side dishes. Kimchi every single meal is not good for me bcuz, I don't like kimchi!

The bad thing staying here is, my Korean is so bad. I'm getting slightly better now, at least i knew how to ask questions but when i first came here, i feel like dying. Not many cafes/restaurants provide english menu & of course, you don't expect people speaking english fluently with you. Thanks god, i found a few friends who's actually good with Korean & every time i went out for meal, i'll just point whatever i want, and they'll order for me. I'm being pampered here, haha!

Many people from all around the world are asking me questions about Malaysia, especially on the cultural side. I'm glad to be a Malaysian bcuz people were amazed by our multi-culture and basic languages where we can speak. Anyway,most of them said i look like a Taiwanese/Chinese. Good thing? HAHA!

Yea, there are my groupmates from Mexico, USA, HongKong, Indonesia & Korea.

More to update soon! Till then :)

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