Friday, May 10, 2013

A day to remember: Last examination in university

I'm back in action after two months. I did saved a few draft blog post but didn't get to complete any because i was so lazy to finish it. I gone through a terrible fever for almost a week, and i admitted to hospital because doctor diagnosed that i had dengue infection. It was my first time to stay in a hospital so i was so scared. Anyway, i'm all good now, no worry. I felt blessed to received messages from friends to ask me about my condition that time. Thanks all =)

Well, i'm done with my last university paper today, in other words, i'm done with my degree course. Yippieeeee!
I had a very complicated feeling because i was happy that i'm finally graduating soon but on the other hand, i've got to start working soon. No longer sleeping until 12pm, no longer getting monthly allowances from brother and etc. 

Here's a few shots taken after exam with my fellow course mates! I pre-noticed someone not to go out early and EVERYONE must stay until the end of last paper. The guy in red, my smartest course mate ever went out 45 minutes earlier & stayed until we came out from the examination room. Hahaha!

I've 1+ month to enjoy before going off to Korea for my exchange program. I'm all pumped up! So looking forward to my first ever solo trip because i'm going there aloneeee. My family & boyfie was worried because of the war announced by North Korea earlier but i guess it's all good now. I always think that i'm quite an independent girl, so i'm not worrying. 

I have interviews coming next week, wish me tons of luck yea. 
Happy Mother's Day in advance.