Thursday, March 28, 2013

Year 2013 has been treating me so well. =)
I've set my own 2013 resolutions earlier of the year & i'm so close to achieve some of them. It took me some time to made my 1st move and now, i wish i'm capable enough to get what i'm demanding for. I've always told myself that i need courage & faith to move myself one step forward because i'm all grown up and i need to be more independent. 

Don't get me wrong, this is not an emo post. Just some words running though my minds so i wanted to write it down here. Hehe! :) I'm still goyang kaki with my assignments, quiz & midterm tests because it's only the 3rd week of new semester, and couldn't believe that i've only 5 more weeks to finish my course.

It makes me feel sad every time whenever i think of finishing my university's life soon. I've not get enough of it, i don't seems to enjoy a lot etc etc. But there're also happy things happened on me lately which i'm very very very looking forward. It was a very last minute work and i'm lucky enough to be selected. Looking forward to June for my backpacking trip alone :)

Till then.
Last Krabi post will be updated soon, hope u're not bored reading my blog.
Happy Thursday Night.

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