Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Cliff Ao Nang Resort Hotel, Krabi, Thailand

Boyfie and I went for a short getaway to Krabi at the end of february(2-3 week ago). It's our very first oversea trip together. =) The amount we spent on air ticket was RM380 per peson (round trip+baggage).

So a few of them asked me which hotel i stayed for my 4D3N trip.
Alright, there you go: The Cliff Ao Nang Resort Hotel.
Not to say this resort hotel is super great, it depends. It was good for us despite of the thin wall & mosquitoes.I booked this resort hotel through Groupon.

The story goes like this: Apparently some day after i bought my air ticket, i saw this deal going on in Groupon & i was very hesitate whether to buy or not. (RM1158 for 4D3N-including surchages). After a long discussion with the boyfie, i bought it. I never realize the "SURCHARGE" column till i emailed them for booking. So at the end, we paid extra 3000baht for 3 nights.
Sigh x2!

We reached Krabi airport around 150pm (Thailand time). The deal i bought including airport transfer so we both need not to look for taxi (normally 600-800 baht per taxi-1 way transfer).

This resort hotel is situated  near the beach in Krabi (around 5-10mins walking distance). The view from pool area was amazing. Most importantly, the staffs were friendly and helpful. If i were to rate their services, i'll give them full marks. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions! :)

Welcome drinks: Tropical fruit punch mocktail

Here comes the room! 
The room was quite small but it was very cozy and tastefully decorated in Southern Thai Style and i like the outdoor bathroom the most. The bathroom is of outdoor style with a nice rain shower. A little reminder here, since it was outdoor, the staff advised us to close our door when we sleep because there may be a lot of mosquitoes (which was true).

Towel! The elephants look lovely :)

Outdoor bathroom. (taken from google)

Not to forget we've a small balcony outside our room. Breakfast can be served right in front of your doorstep. 

Okay, so here's the end of my first post. 
I hope you enjoy reading & stay tuned for more upcoming post.

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Anne Lee said...

outdoor bathroom sounds so special. I can see that its spacious, i mean the bathroom itself.

Henry Tan said...

groupon... means i wont get that price ad. TT

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