Sunday, March 24, 2013

Krabi Day 2: Sea Canoe/Kayak & Elephant Trekking

 Wondering what to do in Krabi for 4D3N? 
Let me show you what places i went in Day 2. Just keep reading alright :)

Beautiful morning view from our hotel :) 

Had our breakfast in hotel before the agent came to pick us up for sea canoe (kayak) + elephant trekking at 830am.

The usual price for this trip is 1100baht per person (i compared the price online) which includes:

- Both way hotel transfer
- Thai set lunch & refreshment
- Canoe through mangroves, caves & Hong island
- 45mins to 1 hour elephant trekking
- Baby elephant show
- Jungle walk to Tonpariwat waterfall
- Free mineral water

Was quite sad because it rained when we arrived at the kayak training place. And the awkward thing we encountered was, there were so many caucasians at that place. I only spotted 2 asian gangs there, which includes me & boyfie ourselves. Soooo many ang-mo(s)! Spotted a few good looking white man with good body figure. Boyfie looks so small standing beside them. *facepalm*

Let's get the journey started! =)

Kayaking in the middle of the sea. 

Entering mangrove's area

We're in the middle of the mangrove swamp.

"No crocodile, no worry!" Told by the abang, haha.

Not to forget, you'll be "lucky" enough to see monkey in d middle of the mangrove swamp. The abang told us not to scream & smile to the monkey. Know what, the monkeys jumped on someone's boat & grabbed away their sunblock. Immediately after this, whenever they said "monkey! monkey!", i will just kept my boat a distance away from the monkey. Nothing special about the monkey also la.

 Breathtaking place! Trust me, when you were there, you just can't stop wow-ing.

Amazing view. 

We canoed from the kayak centre->sea->mangrove swamp->back to the sea again! Stopped by this place for a short break.

The place was only that small, as seen in the photo below. Abang said we can swim over this place but not too far but none of us do so we're really tireeeed. 

Had our thai lunch at this place after the sea canoe activity for the entire morning.
The lunch was just normal. The tomyum wasn't sour/spicy enough but the angmos like it very much.

Went for elephant trekking after lunch! Honest speaking, i felt so bad right after i ride on the elephant. I saw a post in facebook before saying we shall not support this kind of elephant trekking activities cuz we're directly threatening the elephants. I still feel so bad now :( I'll never do this again in my life.

The elephant with ivory is the male one they said.

This is a female elephant without its ivory.

Time to reward them with their favourite bananas (50baht for secucuk pisang).

They've big mouth! i asked the abang should i peel off the banana before feeding, he said no need. Alright, this is not a commonsense i think, so i did not asked a stupid question. Haha!

I was very scareeeeeeeed actually! 

She's looking for more banana so she tried putting her nose on my arm or something. 
i ran away immediately because i'm so scared!

Baby elephant show after that. 

The baby elephant seems to like my boy a lot because he kept going near to him. Another prove of me running away instead of sitting there. 


Okay, nothing special for me la but the angmos were all so excited seeing monkey. I understand that :)

Last scheduled activity of the day-Waterfall

Jungle trek for 10-15 minutes in order to reach that place.

I wish to stay longer at the waterfall but time just doesn't allowed us. It feels amazing when the water hits our body with the speeding force. The feeling is just great :)

Ending my post here. I know that's a lot of picture here but i just wanna share my happy time with those who's reading now. Till then :)


Chuen said...

I've never tried kayaking before..looks fun and the view is lovely!

Carolyn Tay said...

Love going on adventures! This post makes me miss thailand a lot. Looks like so much fun!

JenreveKelly said...

Beautiful pictures:) That's a sweet deal too, what tour company did you go with??