Monday, March 4, 2013

Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服

Another cafe to introduce in Penang! The boyfie really did his homework before i visited him. He google all the nice cafes in Penang and  let me choose where to go. Good job babyboy :) *sayang* There are more cafes out there but due to time constraint, i can only visit 2-3 of them.

Baby & I were undecided whether to go Behind's 50 (Love Lane) or Kwong Sang House for dinner but at last we decided to dine in Kwong Sang House instead. Both of the cafes were owned by the same owner anyway.

Some vintage items on display!

This cafe was previously a tailor shop & the owner transformed it to become a cafe. The owner still keeping the originality of the shop which made it unique.

I had this at my house too! My mom used to be a tailor when she was young :)

We went there around 630pm and there were only 1 table being occupied, the rest were empty. We were quite surprised, in a meantime, we didn't put much expectation on the food. We just purely want to have something for dinner then off and go.

Mushroom Creamy Soup with 2 slices of garlic bread. (RM7.90)
Baby finished them all because i think it's a bit too salty for me. I like the garlic bread more :)

Chicken Cordon Bleu 
Breadcrumb coating with ham, cheese and chicken meat wrap together & deep fried to a crisp golden color. It was served with fries & salad. This was good, boyfie likes it very much :)

Herb Butter Fish 
The chef slightly pan friend the fish on both side & served it together with mashed potato and salad!
I like this dish very much, and it tastes YUMMMYYY! I don't normally order fish because some cafes served frozen fish which i don't like. This was seriously good, i like the butter sauce :)

We were quite surprised with the food. I forgot the price for our main course but no worry, it's all between RM18-RM28. It's affordable. Sadly i didn't get to visit 2nd floor as it was closed. I've seen some reviews saying upstairs have better ambiance.

Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服
36, Leith Street,
10220, Penang.
For reservations: 0125565509 / 0124939230
Business hours
12PM-2.30PM and 6PM-11PM
(closed on Thursdays)


Henry Tan said...

whooots! i haven't been to this shop! nowadays really getting more and more heritage cafe.

Camy Lau said...

omggg! this cafe seems so nice! i still never go there befoore!

Smartan Dad said...

Looks nice! Thanks for sharing!

48 smart