Monday, March 18, 2013

Krabi Town Night Market

Krabi night market is situated 30 minutes away from Ao Nang Beach. It's only open every friday-sunday, so remember to pay a visit when you're there during weekend :)

I've done my research before i went to Krabi so in order to go Krabi Town from Ao Nang, you can either take tut-tut/taxi/bus (60baht per way). I've seen many other tut-tut offering 300baht (per person) for both way etc & when i was about to take that, i saw taxi. =D Wheee, so lucky. 

When you see this "signature" traffic light, you're pretty much at the right place.

Let me introduce what to eat in night market!

#1 Pancake (30baht-65baht)
You can find it everywhere in Ao Nang, even in pasar malam. I had 5 pancakes in just 3 days. It's basically roti canai empat segi but it tastes good especially with nutella. Slurpp! (a must eat when you're in Krabi).

Chocolate banana pancake

#2 Sausage bread(10 baht)
These balloon looking food is actually some kind of sausage bread. So cute right? 

#3 Seafood
Mussels for 100baht

Squid with eggs (25baht-40baht)-differ from size

Prawn tempura (30baht)

Dried Squid (鱿鱼干) -30 baht

Grilled fish (130baht-250baht) 

Blood calm (50baht)
Spiral shells (80 baht)

#4 Pork (10baht)

Pork sausages (10-30baht)

Basically all foods that made of pork were nice there! i miss bacon already, so goood! >,<

#5 Jelly?
i didn't buy any of them but it looks cute aren't they?

#6 Fried Ice-Cream (30-75 baht)

You can choose any flavor & toppings yourself and whether you want them to make it into milk or yogurt. I personally like yogurt so i took that order.

#7 Barbeque giant sweet corn

#8 Fish pancake (10-20baht)

#9 Quail Eggs (鹌鹑蛋)

There were more foods to eat like papaya salad, coconut ice-cream, pad thai, rice noodle, Khao Mok Gai, (Thai Yellow Rice with Chicken) etc etc. I wish i can try all out in a night but we just can't. TOO FULL ALREADY after eating a little bit of these & that.

Most of them bought their food, sit down, took a beer & enjoyed the night with the show/performance on stage. Chilling isn't it? 

Painting! (20baht)


Couple chain!

Salute to the handicapp people who did everything by himeself.

Portrait drawing! (80baht per person) 
We've got 1 for ourselves, very cuteeeeee drawing.

Shoeeeeees! Didn't manage to get one for myself, boyfie said not nice :(

Haha, time to go bed already.
wish to update more often but i'm lazy.
sorry for bombarding this post with photos, hope you enjoy reading it.
Night =)

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wow portrait drawing for 80 baht per person only? that's cheap :o and lots of fooooooooooooods!

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