Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wilson's birthday: Potluck+Dinner (Marche)

Another overdue post which i wanted to post it up here some time ago. 
It's the boss,Wilson Mah 22nd birthday celebration. This year he didn't want to make it formal so he suggested to have potluck over his new house, and yes, i purposely rush back to Ipoh for this! =) 
Thanks Wilson for the help in getting me the train ticket.

Potluck means everyone must bring/cook something & bring it over. I wasn't prepared so i just grabbed taiwan sausages nearby yeeching's house. 

TADAAAA! Food feast =D
That's all the food prepared by Wilson, Wingfei, BearHung, KarLin, YeeChing, YenWei & Me =) That's quite a lot for 7 people and we didn't manage to finish all that.

We were all hungry because it was almost 9pm when it was all done! Everyone eat & drink like a boss =)
Michael (the one who's holding d satay stick) joined us after his event.

Chilling together at the kitchen.

Thanks wilson's aunty whom helped in capturing all the photos.

My all time favourite girls.


The most anticipated session! I called it lami/rami/rammy. It's been a long long time, i miss u =p 大发大发!

He celebrated his 22nd b'day on 16/1, while i celebrated my 21st+1 month. HAHAHA! 

D cake with his nickname on it.

Coincidentally, those who standing at behind were wearing a watch! =)

Upper left: BearHung, Michael, Wilson, WingFei
Lower left: KarLin, YenWei, Me, YeeChing =)

There was another impromptu birthday dinner for him. This time round i asked Junyi, CheeWai, & Matthew along. We went to Marche @ The Curve.

Upper left: Matthew, CheeWai
Lower left: Junyi, Wilson

White wine!

Cheers :)

Formal group picture!

Informal group picture taken by iphone.

Gonna prepare myself for dinner now.
Till then.

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