Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exam Week

Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year and here i am to blog. Doing nothing at home other than watching runningman! A little too long never update my blog since i'm busy with exams and assignments before that. Nah, i'm done with my trimester 2, another short trimester to go till i graduate. How time flies huh?

Just a random update here to show how boring my exam week was because everyone was so excited about chinese new year that time & i just can't help it. Good thing, my very 1st year's exam held BEFORE cny, definitely a yay for most of us =)

I curled my hair & dolled up myself when i went out to a random cafe just to study. Boyfie was clueless why did I dressed up nicely just to sit there & study. Oh well, i just feel like doing it so yeaa..... =)

My not-so-handsome boy =)
 Visit his blog please =) he used almost 2 days to write a post, he told me he doesn't know what to write & he did showoff  to me saying his page view was higher than mine, urgh.

Part of my art work when i was so tired of reading & memorizing. Thanks for sacrificing your arm.

A must to do when u've a front-camera smart phone.

Time for pps again.
Till then, Happy Chinese New Year.
大发大发 =)

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