Monday, February 18, 2013

Dukes & Duchess(TTDI)

It was supposed to be a study night but i wanted to pamper myself before my exam so i went over to Dukes & Duchess for dinner. Baby bought a deal from groupon and so, we went to redeem it! Sadly to say, it was very disappointing though some of the reviews i read say that this restaurant is good. I doubt that!

Let me tell u why! 
First and foremost, i made a call to do reservation. I called them 4-5 days before i went. They misplaced my reservation to another day which falls on CNY EVE. -.-" Boyfie & I were quite pissed because it wasn't our fault after all. We both traveled all d way from Puchong for these. I think the boss felt we're really pissed so he decided to let us dined in though it was quite full-house on a Saturday's night.

The staff offered us happy-hour beverages even it was already over. 

Soup of the day (mushroom soup)
The soups were rich in texture, i like it. The portion was just nice for me, but too little for the boyfie, haha!

Pork Ribs
Waited this for 30minutes & i didn't like it! I forgotten the name of d pork ribs already. 
It tastes salty and the sauce doesn't taste good either. Conversely, the boyfie said it tastes fine. Ended up i ate all the side dishes & he finished the whole ribs for me. It was served cold when we ate.

Photo taken while we're waiting for our meal =)

Weird angle, i know.

What happened when my boy took beers/alcohols. Face gone red!

Part of D&D's design.

Dessert (molten lava cake)

You know what, this lava cake is sooooooooo disappointing! Sigh. I expected the center was still runny, so when i bite, they'll be some chocolate-y fluid coming out. Sadly, nothing comes out. Hmm, i mean, it tastes like a normal chocolate cake, nothing special. =(

It was freshly baked anyway, so it tastes warm when we have that.

The soup+pork ribs+molten lava cake came in a set. The deal we bought is for 2 person (RM50). As a conclusion, i wasn't impressed. Maybe we didn't order their nicest food on menu or maybe they just don't give a damn on those who came and redeem. I don't know!

Dukes & Duchess
52, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr.Ismail (TTDI).
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

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