Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chai Diam Ma, Penang (Queen Street)

A random saturday spent with boyfie when i visited him in Penang during Chinese New Year. He brought me to this heritage cafe located in Queen Street. I was pondering what does "Chai Diam Ma" mean. Thanks to google, Chai Diam Ma means sundry shop in Hokkien. Pardon me because i'm a pure Cantonese,so i'd know what's that mean till i google it. Hahaha!

Some interesting information stick in front of the door. Xiao Hua, the big boss =)

Chai Diam Ma is actually one of the pre-war house located along the street. The cafe wasn't big itself so the seats were quite limited. Anyhow, we managed to get ourselves a table because it wasn't very pack on that day. 

It was a sunny afternoon yet we chose to sit outside so it was a little bit hot. 


Even the wall was being decorated creatively!

They reused the refrigerator & turned it become something like this. You can take any magazines & read it when you're bored of waiting your meal.

Here comes our drink!
 I ordered Tomato Juice (100% fresh fruits & sugar free)- RM8
Boyfie ordered Strawberry Mango Tea (RM6)

Thin Japanese Udon with Chicken & Bacon (RM16)
I personally like this very much, just that the portion was a bit small.

Boyfie taken this shot when i was busy eating. 

The 'huh,what are you doing?' face.

Let me show you a little more about this cafe. They're selling handmade/handcraft thingy in their shop.

Part of  the decorations in their shop.


Chai Diam Ma
15, Lebuh Queen, 10200 Penang
Monday-Sunday: 12pm-9pm
Closed on Tuesday

Many pending posts coming up next!
Stay tuned.


Camy Lau said...

omg! always wanted to find this shop but couldnt find it until that day went for miau hui! gotta try it when i'm back in penang soon! :D

• Sharon Phang • said...

eeeee! why so cute one this place! I wanna visit it when i'm back in Malaysia! XD

i can't see your dress clearly but i think it look nice on you! =)

feel free to drop by my blog when u r free!

Henry Tan said...

hahaha ur expression very cute! =p

Meitzeu said...

Wahh~ I like their artistic concept! Very interesting o~~

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Leanne Lee said...

Camy: I almost walked pass this shop because it wasn't eyes-catching enough! Hahah.

Henry: Thanks darling! Cute as alws =p

Leanne Lee said...

Sharon: Haha! Yea, the shop looks quite cute itself with all the handmade thingy & decorations.

Thank you! I like my dress too :)Nice to meet u here :)

Meitzeu: Thank you! Can pay a visit to their shop in near future :)