Sunday, January 13, 2013

MMU Career Fair 13

Second post of the year! I've assignment to be done yet i feel like updating my blog so here am i.
January is so-so for me, other than assignments & lil bit of arguments, everything was fine.
Just done with MMU Career Fair 13 last week. Kudos to all the committees, it was definitely a great one.

We had 50 over companies and 4 partners joined Career Fair this year. As what i knew, our uni's career fair is so far the best among all the local/private uni's career fair. =)

As usual, we were assigned to serve a company, and this year i chose Standard Chartered. This was my 2nd time joining uni's career fair. The staffs were friendly & i'm not bored (sometimes). It was pretty tiring but it was finally the end of everything! Dropped a few resume to companies, well, hope there'll be good news for me. Just a few photos for sharing, not a good picture though, picture quality is bad.

Our official Career Fair logo

Grand Prize: Ipad! Unfortunately, crews are not allowed  to take part. =(

S.Chartered staff, me & Serene

Kakak kesayangan ku, Chee Wei.

A picture with them after so long! =)

Coffee & I

O'rite, I'm tired, just got back from Ipoh (a rush one)!
Potluck party in best friend house, to be updated soon.

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