Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random update on Doomsday's eve

Hey! So, tomorrow is so call the "Doomsday-End of The World". Fret not, i believe i will still alive. 
My 21st birthday was finally over, would like to share it here once i get my pictures  done. I did not expect much this year, my party plan being screwed, friends were all busy with the own stuff, but it turned out quite good at last. One thing that i'm not satisfy with it was, i wore a very wrong skirt  for dinner whereby i think it looks quite good on me. *facepalm*

Haih, whatever it is, it was over. I'm sick on my birthday, the boyfie was sick too! We both slept for almost half a day, spent time for brunch, sleep again, and started our journey back to kl. The best part is, i'm still sick now. ='(

Going through Week9 for this trimester, tests are coming in, the toughest one would be on this coming Friday-Business Law. I'm ready to die for it. I'm not in a good mood now so i decided to spend time blogging & do online shopping!

Gonna get back to book again, till then.
Wish me recover soon pls pls pls.
See you after the doomsday, hahaha!

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