Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chinese Zodiac (CZ12)

I finally have time to watch movies in theater. *screammm* Yes, boyfie & I were so busy every weekend. Sadly, i miss out quite a number of movie like cold war, breakdawn final and etc. I watched one of the movie of this year yesterday- Chinese Zodiac (CZ12).

Yes, as you see from the poster above, this movie was directed & cast by Jackie Chan! The "Chinese Zodiac" (CZ12) refers to 12 bronze zodiac statue's heads. The synopsis of the entire movie was about the antagonists worked on producing fake yet real artifacts to gain  fortune. Jackie Chan was hired to track 6 of the missing bronze animal heads and he'll get a good paid for that. His crew and him traveled to countries (france) and island in south sea to look for the missing heads which can costs a bomb if it's going to be auctioned. A bunch of people who were so passionate about their own country worked on bringing back the stolen artifacts to its origin country without any price.

When i was seated, i was thinking shouldn't be this a Cantonese movie? Why i see malays and indians people inside the theater? Haha! It turns out to be in Mandarin, English, French. CZ12 co-starring someone whom you and me might knew, for example,  Kwon Sang Woo (权相佑),  Chen Bo Lin (陳柏霖), Zhang Lan Xin (张蓝心) and Laura Weissbecker.

It takes about 2 hours for the entire movie. CZ12 most probably going to be Jacky's last action movie due to his age (he's 58 now). It's gonna be hard for him to perform his stunts in future. Overall, for me, the movie itself is awesome. It worth my time even though i'm not fancy with action's movie.

You can watch the official trailer here if you haven't do so :)
Rating: 8/10

p/s: As what i got from internet, only 5 out of 12 original Zodiac statues have been returned to China. 

That's all for now. The world hasn't ends yet.
Happy Sunday night.


Hilda Milda™ said...

I watched it last week too and it was better than I expected and the technology they use are so cool :D

Leanne Lee said...

Hello Hilda Milda! Yea, coulnd't agree much with u, it's a great movie :) Merry Christmas to you! <3