Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Blue

Hola! The starting of November ain't good for me, many things were against me.Back to recent life, how's everyone doing lately, hope you guys are dong fine. It's the 3rd week of my trimester, nothing much happened but i'm sick of going to class everyday. My business law lecturer changed my class to friday 5pm-8pm, everyone complaint about it yet the lecturer insists not to change. *sigh*

I WISH I HAVE MY OWN CAR! i don't need to rely on someone fetching me on & off. Thanks to someone, my plan has gone. Anyhow, my plan is to get a car end of this trimester, i don't care about all the promises anymore. It's purely bullshits. I hate empty promises, if you never mean it in the first place, then don't give me hopes. I hate promise breaker.

Going off to Penang this weekend but i'm not really that excited due to some incidents. Haih. I need a warm hug to calm me down =( Just a short post, thanks for reading. 

Buenas Noches. Adios!

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Henry Tan said...

aiyo why so sad.. cant believe i didnt come here for some time! otherwise i could offer u a warm hug that day. XD