Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salad with egg

 Buenas Tardes (Good afternoon) Thursday. 
It's the 2nd public holiday of the week, what you guys up to?
i'm having my drama marathon for these few days & i'm still continuing. Thanks to, i can watch any drama that i like, hees =)

I'm never a girl who likes to bake/cook something but recently i would love to search some simple recipe & i wish to cook. *rarecase* Of course, provided that I've someone to help (boyfriend). So one day, i decided to make salad for dinner & we went for grocery shopping.  


I feel like grabbing everything back home even though i don't know how to cook. Haha! I'm more lady-like now. *claps* Anyway, bought everything i want because his house got nothing. I bought eggs, hams, chicken sausages, crab sticks, instant packaged corn, vegetables & mayonnaise. I made salads for dinner & prepare tomorrow's breakfast for him to bring to work. I'm such a good girl =)

Alright, please tell me the photo above looks good. I wanted to eat salad since it's much healthier but, i can't have it without mayonnaise. So, i failed.
Bye, have a good day! =)

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Henry Tan said...

go learn from my recipes laaa! XD