Monday, November 26, 2012

Fake Ecotools brush from Street Deal

If you read the title, you should prolly know what'd happened! Let me tell you the story here =(
i'm seriously a nerd in make up! but quite a number of my friends thought i make-up very often, thanks to my sensitive skin. My face always turn reddish/pinkish whenever i scratch it or when i feel hot.

So one day, i was browsing through street deal website & i found out they're selling this set of Ecotools  brush set at a discount price (RM36). I didn't know these brand is trust-able or not so i went to google it. I realized there're lot of people out there using it & the reviews that i read was good. Of course, i did a little research on the price too. This earth-friendly beauty brushes set costs RM70 & you can get it in Shins/Sasa/Sephora.

I've an urge to buy at that time but the awkward part is, i don't even have any foundation, BB cream, concealer or whatever beauty products with me. I only use Mascara sometimes when i'm out, nothing more than that. I'd thought of this set of brushes might not be the authentic one, i was a little worry, but after a second, i decided to buy since it's cheap, and just give it a try for a beginner like me.

The packaging.

The 6 pieces brush set that i'd bought.

I was expecting i might get a fake one, but i do hope they're selling the authentic one. I was happy when i received the parcel after my class 4 days after. Once i opened it, i knew it's the fake one just by looking at it's cover. There's a saying, don't judge a book by its cover, but seriously, i feel this set of brushes looks so "cheap". Well, this is how i feel when i opened it.

I think the most obvious part is, out of the 5 brushes, only the powder brush/blush brush have the burnt-on logo, the rests do not have any logos on it. Also, the logo is burnt-on so it should be darker in color, but mine one looks in a lighter color.

The fake one.

The authentic one, the logo is burnt on every single brushes, and the logo's is darker in color.

Besides, my brush is not well-trimmed. Let see the difference, and u will know what i'm saying.

The fake one.

The authentic one, can you spot the difference? The authentic powder brush is so well-trimmed. 

Anyway, lesson learnt, do not buy cheap stuff, Go to those retail shop and buy it!
It's my 1st time buying beauty tools, and it wasn't a very good experience.
Goodnight! It's gonna be a busy week ahead.


Anne Lee said...

it's not too late to start learning make-up. but it's important to have confidence when you are with or without make-up.

LĂ­gia said...

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