Monday, November 26, 2012

Fake Ecotools brush from Street Deal

If you read the title, you should prolly know what'd happened! Let me tell you the story here =(
i'm seriously a nerd in make up! but quite a number of my friends thought i make-up very often, thanks to my sensitive skin. My face always turn reddish/pinkish whenever i scratch it or when i feel hot.

So one day, i was browsing through street deal website & i found out they're selling this set of Ecotools  brush set at a discount price (RM36). I didn't know these brand is trust-able or not so i went to google it. I realized there're lot of people out there using it & the reviews that i read was good. Of course, i did a little research on the price too. This earth-friendly beauty brushes set costs RM70 & you can get it in Shins/Sasa/Sephora.

I've an urge to buy at that time but the awkward part is, i don't even have any foundation, BB cream, concealer or whatever beauty products with me. I only use Mascara sometimes when i'm out, nothing more than that. I'd thought of this set of brushes might not be the authentic one, i was a little worry, but after a second, i decided to buy since it's cheap, and just give it a try for a beginner like me.

The packaging.

The 6 pieces brush set that i'd bought.

I was expecting i might get a fake one, but i do hope they're selling the authentic one. I was happy when i received the parcel after my class 4 days after. Once i opened it, i knew it's the fake one just by looking at it's cover. There's a saying, don't judge a book by its cover, but seriously, i feel this set of brushes looks so "cheap". Well, this is how i feel when i opened it.

I think the most obvious part is, out of the 5 brushes, only the powder brush/blush brush have the burnt-on logo, the rests do not have any logos on it. Also, the logo is burnt-on so it should be darker in color, but mine one looks in a lighter color.

The fake one.

The authentic one, the logo is burnt on every single brushes, and the logo's is darker in color.

Besides, my brush is not well-trimmed. Let see the difference, and u will know what i'm saying.

The fake one.

The authentic one, can you spot the difference? The authentic powder brush is so well-trimmed. 

Anyway, lesson learnt, do not buy cheap stuff, Go to those retail shop and buy it!
It's my 1st time buying beauty tools, and it wasn't a very good experience.
Goodnight! It's gonna be a busy week ahead.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Inn Resort Hotel, Penang

Yay, my brother-in-law uploaded the Penang family trip pictures to facebook already! =)
this trip has been planned months ago by brother, it wasn't a food trip, it was a trip for the kids (my nephews). I only managed to eat char kuay teow & laksa in Penang. Argh, can't believe i missed out my penang favorite prawn's noodle ='(

The kids below are my newphews, Ashton Lee & Brennon Phang. 

Had a quick brunch before heading off to the hotel. The kids need to eat, so do i. 

Char Kuay Teow (Opposite of Penang Girl's School)

Penang laksa! oh well, not the Ayer Itam, that one was too commercialized.

We checked in to Holiday Inn Resort Hotel, Batu Ferringhi. For me, the hotel is above average, and for the price, i'm not so sure about that, gotta check it online perhaps?

Sorry for the poor photo quality, S3 oh S3.

me & my beloved sister, Brenda =)

Hotel's area
Swimming pool & bar

See how happy he is, hehe.

i'm a lil bit hyped up too, haha.

Sister, brother-in-law & little Brennon =)

Headed out to Gurney Plaza for dinner. We're hunting for some hawker stalls to go for, unfortunately it rained so we decided to dine in some random restaurant in Gurney. The food is good & price is kind of reasonable. =)

Dated my best friend in Penang, Henry Tan out after dinner & he brought me up to Bukit Bendera. It was my 1st time being up there, nothing so special over that place except for the awesome penang's night view. Settled down in a cafe named Piknik after that. I miss their combo waffle (RM16.90), their bacons are sooooo good!
The ambiance is a little noisy but overall it's fine.

Waking up on a Sunday's morning seeing these 2 kids sitting on the chair enjoying their yogurt while my eyes are still half closed. Didn't join them for the water session because i want to bed, simply lazy.

Brennon, Sister & Mommy.

The mommies.

They said we've the photo-copied face. I think i look prettier =)

Last but not least, a family photo! Daddy stayed at Ipoh to take care granny so he didn't join us for this trip. We're a happy family, a blessed family.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salad with egg

 Buenas Tardes (Good afternoon) Thursday. 
It's the 2nd public holiday of the week, what you guys up to?
i'm having my drama marathon for these few days & i'm still continuing. Thanks to, i can watch any drama that i like, hees =)

I'm never a girl who likes to bake/cook something but recently i would love to search some simple recipe & i wish to cook. *rarecase* Of course, provided that I've someone to help (boyfriend). So one day, i decided to make salad for dinner & we went for grocery shopping.  


I feel like grabbing everything back home even though i don't know how to cook. Haha! I'm more lady-like now. *claps* Anyway, bought everything i want because his house got nothing. I bought eggs, hams, chicken sausages, crab sticks, instant packaged corn, vegetables & mayonnaise. I made salads for dinner & prepare tomorrow's breakfast for him to bring to work. I'm such a good girl =)

Alright, please tell me the photo above looks good. I wanted to eat salad since it's much healthier but, i can't have it without mayonnaise. So, i failed.
Bye, have a good day! =)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Short getaway to Penang

Hello! Just got back from a 2D1N trip to Penang with family and i'm here alone in KL now.
Penang is good, as always, and i miss Penang already.

Argh, i wanna learn swimming! Poor me, i don't know how to swim.
i'm a beach lover, i love going to seaside yet i don't know how to swim. My master (Junyi) promised to teach me yet he's sooooooo busy. I need a coach, i need a few lessons. 

Just a short post to kill time.
 Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Blue

Hola! The starting of November ain't good for me, many things were against me.Back to recent life, how's everyone doing lately, hope you guys are dong fine. It's the 3rd week of my trimester, nothing much happened but i'm sick of going to class everyday. My business law lecturer changed my class to friday 5pm-8pm, everyone complaint about it yet the lecturer insists not to change. *sigh*

I WISH I HAVE MY OWN CAR! i don't need to rely on someone fetching me on & off. Thanks to someone, my plan has gone. Anyhow, my plan is to get a car end of this trimester, i don't care about all the promises anymore. It's purely bullshits. I hate empty promises, if you never mean it in the first place, then don't give me hopes. I hate promise breaker.

Going off to Penang this weekend but i'm not really that excited due to some incidents. Haih. I need a warm hug to calm me down =( Just a short post, thanks for reading. 

Buenas Noches. Adios!