Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend with my family =)

Hello! I had a good friday night & weekends with family =) What about you?
Just a short update to let u guys know where am i up to. I'm doing fine, still enjoying my sembreak in KL.

Went to MidValley on friday night to have my chocolate foundae. Oh btw, that's my dinner as well. I was pretty full & we didn't managed to finish everything because boyfie wasn't feeling well. They've had promotion so the total bill wasn't that expensive after discount. Hees =)

Sister came kl to do shopping with me. She is now a very caring & lovely mama.She used to come here for shopping but not after she delivered her baby because she's busy taking care my nephew. I love both my nephew so much, they're so adorable =D

Oh, the lady in the picture is my mommy, say HI!
 Sister & I were busy doing shopping in H&M & she asked us why nothing suits her there. She said she can't pick anything, haha! I laughed so badly. Pardon her because she doesn't know anything about the brand. Cute mama =)

Loving the picture above because the orang utan looks so cuteeeeee. 
Wanted to take a picture during my last visit in Lot10 but people were busy taking pictures with them too so this time, i beg my sister to take a picture for me. Haha! 

Went off to Kuchai Lama this morning for breakfast & did a little shopping with sister & mommy. Spotted this 2 bears on the sofa so beg the sister again to take a quick shot of me & the bears before we left.

So, that's my weekend, and tomorrow i'm gonna back to office to work for part-time =) Aww, doesn't like the feeling of waking up at 7am then taking public transport to work, i'm so gonna get a car after i graduate. 

Live without a car here sucks a big time.
Goodnight, monday no blue alright? =)

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