Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kampar Club Restaurant

Hola! So, i'm eating my Kinder Bueno chocolate while updating this post. Sorry for slacking, and it's time to write something about the girlfriend's 21st birthday as promised in the last post. 

The pinky-pincessy-crown that EQing bought for the darlings.

There you go, the birthday girls =)

YenWei & KarLin, look gorgeous on that night.

We had our dinner in Kampar Club Restaurant, which was located at a hidden place. If you missed the entrance, then you probably gonna make a big U-turn. Food was super affordable & the taste was fine. Btw, they served chinese & western cuisine. We were given a room so we had quite an enjoyable dinner together without any disturbance. =)

KarLin & Yours truly. Someone said i look like EllaKoon (官恩娜) in the photo below. hahaha!

The girl's generation.

I purposely went to curl my hair & it ended up like....

The boy's generation
(BearHung, WingFei, SiLone, Eric, Wilson, Angus, Honeybaby)

Birthday cake.

Make a wish.  

Snapshot by boyfie

My juicy gang! Hearts them much 
The gorgeous EQing & YenWei
I don't used to put make-up on my face, to be frank, i didn't even know how to draw eyeliner, put foundation etc. So, that's my naked face. Thanks to the camera effect, it looks better here. HAHA!

A couple picture with the boyfie at last. Thank you so much for sending me back to Ipoh. I know it's kinda rush but still thanks love for being so thoughtful. 你辛苦了!  

His current fb profile pic & phone's lockscreen. Hees!

I had a superb weekend in Ipoh with my lovelies. Thank you so much for the night. =)
We had our 2nd round in Sky Lounge and some games+drinking session after that.
That's all. Hope you enjoy reading this.
Nights =D

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