Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kah Hong

Hello! I've lot to update but i'm just lazy. Let's choose the most up-to-date to post here =)
10/10 was my ex-housemates (Kah Hong) 21st birthday! unfortunately he wasn't in malaysia this time round so Wilson came up the idea to make a video for him. I recorded another video for him and they decided to put it as the teaser/starter. I was being so awkward inside the video.

Anyway, Happy 21st Birthday Kah Hong!
 We all wish you like this very-funny-made video from us.
Credits to rest of them who wrote the lyrics and the singer (Eric Teh).
Wish to see you real soon. All the best in Singapore =)

p/s: Photo was taken 3 years back when we were still young & fresh. haha!
To those who wanna watch the silly video we made, try to click HERE!
Till then.

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