Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Haji holiday 2012

 Last friday was Haji holiday, initially me & my ex-colleagues has plan to travel down to Port Dickson for a short getaway but the plan has been postponed. I was very undecided to go back Ipoh or not but at last, still decide to go back since i've nothing to do in KL. Boyfie flew to Hanoi, Vietnam at the same week so i was bored in KL. =(

Let's update you guys what've i done during the past few days. Went back to Ipoh on  last saturday morning & surprisingly the traffic was kind of smooooth! *clap* Had my favorite lunch then i dozed off till 4+pm. Haha! Woke up & the kids were ready for some water session. Both of them in the photo are my nephew (naked one: my sister's son, brennon phang & the another is my brother's son, ashton lee). ADORABLE RIGHT?

 Went for karaoke session with the boys after dinner. At first just want to yumcha &chit-chat then Wilson came up with the karaoke thingy. Definitely a YES for me & here we go =) Went to OTK studio on a public holiday/friday night, the price was quite okay though, RM33 for 3 hours k-session+2 drinks+3 tidbits =)

Woke up around 12+ the next day, had a quick brunch then off to town to buy baking ingredients. I'm quite into baking muffins lately,haha! i have no idea why, hmm. Baked some chocolate muffins but not as good as i expected ='( 
Smell good but tasteless ='( Something wrong somewhere ='( gonna try it again!

Traveled back to KL alone on saturday's evening just to meet the boyfie =D He bought me souvenirs & the chocolate is my favourite, wheeee.

We both been saying workout workout for a long time but we never make it happened for even once. Told ya i'm very motivated so we dragged each other to go for gym somewhere near to his house =) 

Workout in the noon & have a look on what we ate at night, failed right? HAHA! Me & the boyfie are the bigfans of myBurgerlab especially him because the shop was his friend's shop. He likes to hang there quite often. I think he tried out all their chicken burgers ad. They served the best burger in town, u gotta believe me, i'm not kidding. This RM18 burger is definitely worthwhile, see how big the portion is. Not to forget, their fries sauce is always my favouriteeee. Nomnom. 

My burger-Beautiful Mess 3.0

For those who are interested to pay a visit, here's the address:
No.14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 5pm-1030pm
**Off on Monday

Ohya, went for a movie date also since i'm in an urge to watch "The Fierce Wife-犀利人气最终回". The movie is so touching! I cried for a few times while watching.

That't all. I'm done with the manual add subject registration today.
I"m taking Spanish now instead of Korean. So far so good but gonna revise more because i couldn't remember so many single terms.
Alright, buenas noches! (goodnight in spanish)

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