Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last week of internship

Hello, here am i again =)
 I'm currently in the office waiting to go back home. It's my last week of internship, so i'm a little free here & there. Time flies, 4 months passed and soon i'm going back to university. Arghhhh!
 I don't want to do any assignments & study like a mad woman during finals =( 

I feel so reluctant to leave my PJ room. The room is just simply awesome with great night view.
and most importantly, nobody cares about me. I have more freedom =)
 currently looking for part-time jobs on October right before my trimester starts, shall earn some pocket money & save it for the coming trip. YAYY!

Till then, have a nice day!
i've no idea what to write but i really wish to update my blog more often.
i'm going back to Ipoh this coming weekend, hehehe! After a month & i'm finally home.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Something happy to share

Hey there! 
Just wanna update a little so that you guys will still reading on my blog.
boyfie bought the ticket to Krabi next year and i was so excited =D
i can't stop myself from google-ing all the nice beaches/places there.

I'm so gonna cut down food consumption and be more healthier this time round because i want to make myself look good in bikini. I don't know why i've this crazy stupid idea! haha.
 my waist is getting bigger & bigger. *facepalm*

Dear beaches, i shall be visiting you real soon =)

Night peeps!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hey! Promise myself to update more but plan always failed miserably.
doing good for my internship in Juris, the previous blog post was kind of grey, i know. Life is good now =)
time flies, another 2 weeks to work in Juris, gonna leave my awesome colleagues very soon. I know i'm gonna miss them very much =( They used to pamper me alot! Thanks people.

Friends in campus are hardcore-ing study for exams while i'm having my own sweet time now. 
i don't wanna study for exams already, it's a very hard thing for me. and screw my campus for the new 80% attendance policy, i can no longer skip my classes =(

Till then, gonna finish up my internship report.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby's 22nd Birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday babyboy <3 nbsp="nbsp">
I'm so sorry that i wasn't able to spare a day with you to celebrate your birthday, you purposely took leave but i was so busy with work. Sorry for not giving you any surprises, and any of the birthday present.
I'm so guilty because we promised to have a good dinner together but ended up you'd have to wait me until 8+pm at my company's area.

Sorry baby! You said all you want for your birthday is my time but i can't make it at last.
I promise i'll turn to be a better girlfriend for you.