Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday night

Feel like blogging so there you go =) Today is monday, as usual woke up early for work, lunch, work, sleepy, work and finished work at 7pm. Gonna based in client side in Bangi for about a month, this is the 2nd week i'm there. Seriously don't like it because there's no food around, not even a 7-11. Aww =(

Been writing user manual for freaking 1 month and still counting. I've one more module to write for and i got no idea when am i going to finish writing as my progress is really really slow. I'm very inefficient, i know right. Person like me will never like to sit in office for whole day, facing the laptop for 9+ hours. Never feel regret but rather abit disappointed because i'm expecting to learn a lot during my internship yet i never feel like learning in this 1 month. Anyway, will still motivate myself to do better. I'm good in hypnosis =)

It's end of July ad, time flies.
Have a good tuesday =)

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