Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday night

Feel like blogging so there you go =) Today is monday, as usual woke up early for work, lunch, work, sleepy, work and finished work at 7pm. Gonna based in client side in Bangi for about a month, this is the 2nd week i'm there. Seriously don't like it because there's no food around, not even a 7-11. Aww =(

Been writing user manual for freaking 1 month and still counting. I've one more module to write for and i got no idea when am i going to finish writing as my progress is really really slow. I'm very inefficient, i know right. Person like me will never like to sit in office for whole day, facing the laptop for 9+ hours. Never feel regret but rather abit disappointed because i'm expecting to learn a lot during my internship yet i never feel like learning in this 1 month. Anyway, will still motivate myself to do better. I'm good in hypnosis =)

It's end of July ad, time flies.
Have a good tuesday =)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yo, Whatsupp! Finally there's some kick for me to update my blog.
 I was pretty lazy to update because i've switched to PJ for internship & i don't have any table in my room,so most of the time i'm using my iphone to surf net & etc. 

Still doing my internship though and i've 2 more months to go! Life is hmm, frankly speaking, started to feel slightly dull. The 1st month was awesome and things changed after the bosses transferred me to another team. Nah,  ain't that worst but what i'm doing now is  seriously boreeeeeed. Documentation work kills me seriously!

Special thanks to few of my mates for being such a great buddy to me. I've always complain i need someone to accompany for dinner, and my wish always granted by them. They brought me out and we had a good time together. I have 2 very good looking colleagues/housemates staying together with me and they are very friendly, such a bless =)

Been enjoying myself every single weekend because weekend is precious for me.
Saturday is always for dating, together with my favourite boy. Hees <3
Till then, chaoz.