Friday, June 22, 2012

1st Anniversary

Hi, i'm back in action. Missing my updates anyone? Hees,I hope there is =)
i just celebrated my very 1st anniversary with my love one last 2 weeks. We'd been together for a year, neither that long nor short but it should be a day to be remembered =)

Thanks for pampering me always, treating me so well that no one could and enduring my super terrible bad behavior. I know there are times that you're getting so fed up with me but still, you never give up on me. Being with you is one of the best damn thing on earth. 

Yes, sometimes i do envy some couples that the boyf can always do sweet stuff to make their girlfriend happy whereas my boyf is typical not-romantic type. He will never do something unless i hint him. So failed but never mind, i do believe there are rooms to improve. He's getting way better as the first time i knew him. At least, he'll think of something to make me happy when he pissed me off.

 Had a simple outing on the day itself, kind of surprised when he got me a small bouquet of flowers. So not the way he's doing but i was really happy that at least he put a lil effort on it.

Kang ZL, i promised you before not to be that emotional, i'm trying to change this bad habit. I'll be more tolerate, more guai alright? Heees, always ♥ you!

Goodnight! =)

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Henry Tan said...

lol u know.. the flower blocking ur dress make u look like you are nude! LOL XD

anyway thanks for dropping by my blog! long time didnt see u update ad. and long time didnt hop over to ur blog ad too! =D