Thursday, May 17, 2012

SkyBar, Traders Hotel (Kuala Lumpur)

There was a day, i went out with MingHan, Wilson and this time, Chee Wai as well. Wilson planned to go SkyBar together. I wasn't insist to go because i've assignment due next day but still i went at last. Haha! My mom boomed me for being so outgoing even during assignment period. I'm outgoing, as usual =D

Anyhow, i wasn't regretted that i went! =) SkyBar is located at 33rd floor of Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I called it a high-class bar, well, it is i supposed. We went there around 10+pm and we'd to wait for a place to sit. Environment is pretty chillax & of course great! Why? Keep reading please =)

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There's a pool right in the middle. Imagine there's a pool party there. AWESOMEEEE!*dream*
We're placed at the sofa area as we requested, and we got our seats quite fast. If you wanna get a seat, remember to go earlier. =)

For me, the price of drinks are rather expensive. The cheapest drink i saw on the list costs around RM30+. The guys ordered diff drinks except me. Chee Wai ordered Bloody Mary and it tastes sucks, haha! The rest were just fine. I like mocktails =) 

We never stop taking pictures, especially Wilson! The view from SkyBar is great.When you look outside, you can see twin tower just right in front of you. When you look further, you can see the night view of KL. 

There's a bar named Sky Lounge in Ipoh, never been there before so i don't know how it looks like but i'm pretty sure SkyBar is way better. At least, there's a twin tower here, haha! We left quite early, all because of me. My mom gave me a call & i got to go home. I'm a Cinderella, curfew at 12am =) 



Oh ya, if you wish to get in, guys, don't wear short pants/slippers, make sure you're in smart casual! The guys purposely dressed up smartly, but when we entered, the caucasians were acually wearing short pants with slippers. =.=" So, why do we Malaysians need to be in smart casual huh?

 Another thing, make sure you're 21st. They don't care whether you celebrated your b'day or not, if you're turning 21 this year, then you're in! =)  

A picture of mine before ending this post!
Good day ahead.


Gaz said...

Thankyou for the information, travelling Malaysia for three weeks and heading to Kuala Lumpur soon. Hopefully stop by the sky bar to get a good view of the Petronas towers.

Gaz (UK)

Leanne Lee said...

Hi there, thank you for dropping by! May you have an enjoyable trip in Malaysia. =)