Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Firefly watching, Kampung Kuantan

Hello! I'm back in action, was being too lazy to write something here eventhough i'm having my holidays now. Few days ago i finally got all the pictures from Wilson, so i decided to write a post. by the way, it's another overdue post happened on April :)

So the story begin with a friend of mine, MingHan came to KL to pay a short visit before he starts his working career in Singapore. He got scholarship and he studied in Singapore, he graduated and he's now working in Singapore. He was my primary classmates anyway :) I was quite busy with assignments & presentations that time but still i went out & chilled with him together with Wilson. Haha!

Wilson & I had discussed before where to bring him and i suggested Kuala Selangor. 
Okay, i went there for seafood twice, but i never went to see firefly there before. Just for your information, K.Selangor is a hot spot for firefly watching :) We met up in MidValley, lunch in Kuchai Lama, then headed to K.Selangor.

Beautiful sunset spotted! =)

We arrived at Kampung Kuantan(firefly park) around 6pm, and it's not opened yet. Its only open around 745pm, so we decided to go for seafood dinner,heeees :D

p/s: Sorry for the blur pic.

Steam Crab
Fried Oyster
Shark Meat
Marmit Baby Sotong

This restaurant is awesomely good! I couldn't say it was cheap but the food itself was good. It located just beside the river, if you go around evening, you can enjoy the sunset as well :)

Unfortunately during our dinner, the sky started to rain & there goes our firefly watching =( Went down all the way from KL ended up seeing nothing, worst feeling ever. I'm so gonna go down again next time because i insist to see that. I saw once when i went Sabah (click HERE), and it was soooo great! Couldn't forget how beautiful it was =) Trust me, it worth your time & money. 

Another post to update soon.
If you wish to go, you can check out more information HERE

Price: 1 boat, RM40(4 person).

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