Monday, May 28, 2012

All d best

This korean wannabe/small-eyes-looking-guy above is my boyf. He started to enroll his working career 2 weeks ago.
and yea, he's working in a foreign investment bank currently. He seems to like his company & job very much. BUT, one thing i'm kinda sad about is he was allocated to work from 2pm-11pm, consider working in night shift, and most of the time he might need to work over-time until 1am.

MEANING? My dinner dates, wednesday-movie-night all gone for at least half a year to 9 months. He officially starts his work today, the previous 2 weeks was all about training. The moment when he got his shift, he whatsapp-ed me, and seriously, both of us felt sad. He said he got no life anymore, well, i agreed with that. Imagine all the fun starts at night, and you're working like a cow that time. Aww =( But what to do, to endure is what we shall do.

Darling, as i always told you, don't stress yourself! Now, weekends are always what we're hoping for. Few days after i'm shifting to PJ as i'm going to start my internship soon. Wishing all the best to you & I.


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