Monday, May 28, 2012

All d best

This korean wannabe/small-eyes-looking-guy above is my boyf. He started to enroll his working career 2 weeks ago.
and yea, he's working in a foreign investment bank currently. He seems to like his company & job very much. BUT, one thing i'm kinda sad about is he was allocated to work from 2pm-11pm, consider working in night shift, and most of the time he might need to work over-time until 1am.

MEANING? My dinner dates, wednesday-movie-night all gone for at least half a year to 9 months. He officially starts his work today, the previous 2 weeks was all about training. The moment when he got his shift, he whatsapp-ed me, and seriously, both of us felt sad. He said he got no life anymore, well, i agreed with that. Imagine all the fun starts at night, and you're working like a cow that time. Aww =( But what to do, to endure is what we shall do.

Darling, as i always told you, don't stress yourself! Now, weekends are always what we're hoping for. Few days after i'm shifting to PJ as i'm going to start my internship soon. Wishing all the best to you & I.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

SkyBar, Traders Hotel (Kuala Lumpur)

There was a day, i went out with MingHan, Wilson and this time, Chee Wai as well. Wilson planned to go SkyBar together. I wasn't insist to go because i've assignment due next day but still i went at last. Haha! My mom boomed me for being so outgoing even during assignment period. I'm outgoing, as usual =D

Anyhow, i wasn't regretted that i went! =) SkyBar is located at 33rd floor of Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I called it a high-class bar, well, it is i supposed. We went there around 10+pm and we'd to wait for a place to sit. Environment is pretty chillax & of course great! Why? Keep reading please =)

Picture taken from Google

There's a pool right in the middle. Imagine there's a pool party there. AWESOMEEEE!*dream*
We're placed at the sofa area as we requested, and we got our seats quite fast. If you wanna get a seat, remember to go earlier. =)

For me, the price of drinks are rather expensive. The cheapest drink i saw on the list costs around RM30+. The guys ordered diff drinks except me. Chee Wai ordered Bloody Mary and it tastes sucks, haha! The rest were just fine. I like mocktails =) 

We never stop taking pictures, especially Wilson! The view from SkyBar is great.When you look outside, you can see twin tower just right in front of you. When you look further, you can see the night view of KL. 

There's a bar named Sky Lounge in Ipoh, never been there before so i don't know how it looks like but i'm pretty sure SkyBar is way better. At least, there's a twin tower here, haha! We left quite early, all because of me. My mom gave me a call & i got to go home. I'm a Cinderella, curfew at 12am =) 



Oh ya, if you wish to get in, guys, don't wear short pants/slippers, make sure you're in smart casual! The guys purposely dressed up smartly, but when we entered, the caucasians were acually wearing short pants with slippers. =.=" So, why do we Malaysians need to be in smart casual huh?

 Another thing, make sure you're 21st. They don't care whether you celebrated your b'day or not, if you're turning 21 this year, then you're in! =)  

A picture of mine before ending this post!
Good day ahead.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Firefly watching, Kampung Kuantan

Hello! I'm back in action, was being too lazy to write something here eventhough i'm having my holidays now. Few days ago i finally got all the pictures from Wilson, so i decided to write a post. by the way, it's another overdue post happened on April :)

So the story begin with a friend of mine, MingHan came to KL to pay a short visit before he starts his working career in Singapore. He got scholarship and he studied in Singapore, he graduated and he's now working in Singapore. He was my primary classmates anyway :) I was quite busy with assignments & presentations that time but still i went out & chilled with him together with Wilson. Haha!

Wilson & I had discussed before where to bring him and i suggested Kuala Selangor. 
Okay, i went there for seafood twice, but i never went to see firefly there before. Just for your information, K.Selangor is a hot spot for firefly watching :) We met up in MidValley, lunch in Kuchai Lama, then headed to K.Selangor.

Beautiful sunset spotted! =)

We arrived at Kampung Kuantan(firefly park) around 6pm, and it's not opened yet. Its only open around 745pm, so we decided to go for seafood dinner,heeees :D

p/s: Sorry for the blur pic.

Steam Crab
Fried Oyster
Shark Meat
Marmit Baby Sotong

This restaurant is awesomely good! I couldn't say it was cheap but the food itself was good. It located just beside the river, if you go around evening, you can enjoy the sunset as well :)

Unfortunately during our dinner, the sky started to rain & there goes our firefly watching =( Went down all the way from KL ended up seeing nothing, worst feeling ever. I'm so gonna go down again next time because i insist to see that. I saw once when i went Sabah (click HERE), and it was soooo great! Couldn't forget how beautiful it was =) Trust me, it worth your time & money. 

Another post to update soon.
If you wish to go, you can check out more information HERE

Price: 1 boat, RM40(4 person).

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bye, Year2!

 Exam is o-verrrrrr! Wheeeee.
I'm done with my year2 in mmu. 
Good thing, i got another year to go =) Sad thing, it seems that i've not get enough fun yet in my university life. Another thing, gonna start my internship soon in Juris.

 I'm pretty fed-up with Nuffnang especially to their admin officer. I don't get a fcking reply at all till now. They promised to send me a reply end of April, whether I get the job or not, they'll still let me know. Hello, it's mid of May now,what's happening there? I sent emails to them, twice but no reply still. I knew i probably fail to get the job because i screwed up the interview. *smash forehead*

From the way they interviewed me, i can actually sense that they won't take in any interns easily. My interview done within 15minutes, wtf. The lady threw me a few questions & that's all. Some questions i was like "huh"?

Example: What makes you think that you can only get Band4 in your muet test? Why can't you achieve better? 

Well, i'm gonna go back when i'm done with my course. I tak puas hati! On the side note, i'm wishing to get   an offer in this company too, so i'm gonna go back and make sure i get my job there.

Happy holiday mates.