Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Titanic 3D Premiere Screening

I got myself a pair of Titanic 3D premiere screening from a friend on Monday. She won a competition but unfortunately she can't make it so she decided to give away all the tickets and that's how i got it =)

The movie starts at 930pm, ends 3 hours after which is about 1230am. I watched Titanic for only once/twice. I remember Jack Dawson but i don't really remember how Rose looked like. The main actress in movie normally looks slim & beautiful but Rose was a little too fat for me. Haha! Also, I don't see much of the 3D effect either, it's more high-definition(Hd) instead.

After all, it's still a nice movie by James Cameron.
I saw 2 Myfm deejay and one of the Miss Astro sat 2 rows in front of me that night, not bad though.

Okay, before i forget, I joined a contest in nuffnang & i won myself another pair of premiere screening of  "The Cabin  In The Woods" next Tuesday =)

I'm just simply lucky.
Good day ahead.

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