Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012

An overdue post to update here. I decided to post now because thats the very first rave party that i ever attended so i should blog it. Heees =)

Just so you know, below are the artists that attended the part. Some from Taiwan, Hong Kong & of course Malaysia =)

Credits to my clone, Henry Tan who gave away his ticket to me & the boyfriend so we're able to join the party. He won 4 tickets from Nuffnang & he got another 2 tickets from his friends.  So at last, see wei & her friend able to join us as well.

 Boyfriend & I reached Sunway Pyramid super early because we're afraid of the jam so decided to go shopping first. I guess we made a very right decision because Henry & Moon reached at 7pm, SeeWei reached at 8pm, all because of the jam & the parking.

We both saw a lot of people started to queue up since 6pm & i didn't know what type of tickets that Henry got. We both thought we're in the free standing side & we both started to worry how farrrrrr we are from the stage. BUT, we're wrong! Haha.

Can you see how front we were? *excited*
We walked in #likeaboss because there's another lane for the RM118 tickets. I felt pity seeing those people standing so pack/close to each other in another zone.  Our zone is quite empty though we went in like 7+pm. Haha! 

Concert was fine, the saddest part was i missed out a few Beyond's song =(
oh ya, Henry bought us beer. How could i miss out beer in party right? 

See Wei & her friend left early because they're afraid of the jam again. They stuck for hours to reach Sunway. A while after, Henry & Moon left as well. Boyfriend & I stayed till LMF came out then we went back home. It took about 3+/4 hours for the entire party.

  Both Henry & boyfriend didn't brought their cameras so not much pictures taken on that night. The only pictures we got was taken from baby's 4s. Didn't manage to get the pics from him now, too many, lol.

Lastly, many thanks to Henry for giving away the tickets. Been some time since i last met him in campus. He started his working career in Penang & that's why =( Looking forward to see him soon.

p/s: Gonna go shower first, mommy is nagging me =/

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Anonymous said...

cute couples :) glad you had fun