Thursday, April 26, 2012

MMU Awards 2012

I'm a student of Multimedia University. I used not to like my university when i first came. But, i changed my mind after some time. I'm proud to be here. My uni did an event called "MMU Awards" annually, it's kind of  an appreciation dinner for all the clubs & societies for working hard on events to bring up the reputation and names of Mmu.

Well, just for you information, we did have awesome events that's entered Genius World Record, Malaysia Book Of Record, International levels and being featured in lots of magazines. So, back to topic, my very first time went to this event since i came here for 2 years, representing Green Club MMU.

Green Club sounds like Kelab Pencinta Alam for you, yes, i couldn't agree much on that. We're not the well-known society in campus, we don't have many members, and of course we're not one of the best club in campus. Some of them don't even know our club exits, sounds pathetic but we're fine. The president put tons of efforts on working things out within a year and all the efforts paid off. We brought back 2 awards & that's the most happiest thing we felt on that day.

We're in the top-5 list under 2 categories. President told us not to put high hope of everything but if you're event was being selected, you sincerely wish you could get a prize in return right? 

This year, this event took place in Dewan Undangan Negeri, Malacca, so we traveled all the way to Malacca. We departed early in the 8am & we reached there just on time =) It took about 3+ hours for the entire event. 30 hour famine was also on the list, i'm so excited about this. Fyi, i was the camp leader/director for 30 hour famine last year but unfortunately i won nothing upon that =( But, AT LEAST WE GOT INTO TOP5.

Let's pictures do the talking now. We're the greenies :)

Angie Tan


With Mr.Omar, the head of student affairs


Nai Huey(VP), Wai Luen (President)

Everyone is feeling happy, can you see? :D

Sayon, Accounting Club

Taseen, my choco man :)

Farzad, my "qing qi de" =)

 Who is he? He's Wai Luen, our club president & he won the student of the year award :)

Yours truly.

You might be asking, why out of so many clubs in mmu, i chose to be here.
i myself have no idea as well, i was being asked/invited to join the club and because of wailuen, i said yes! 
i love to be in green club with all the green lovers.

Go Green, when it's not about too late.
Good weekend ahead.

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