Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last weekend was the days that i anticipating so much. Thanks to bunch of people, i was one of the highcom. in Gamefest4.This event was proudly organized by Games Developement Club (GDC), MMU. It was held on 7th-8th April 2012 at MMU Grandhall.

I learnt a lot throughout this event, frankly, i don't contribute much as a public relation assistant director. I just went out to meet sponsors for a few times, replied some of the mails at the beginning, and helped to settle some of the very easy jobs. 

I get closed with a few people ever since i joined Gamefest4 ( Vincent Yu, Wan Muhammad, Chandra, Panda). They treated me kind of good and being so understanding. I know for numerous times, i didn't turn up for meetings/sponsors, i was really guilty and sorry about that.

Gamefest4 was indeed a success. I was impressed by the way they got the sponsorship. We had sponsors from ERL(Express Rail Link Sdn.Bhd) and we even went to Belia Sukan to get sponsors from the government. For me, that's kind of cool. Thumbs up. 

I wasn't into any games at all. I'm neither a gamer nor a game addict freak. I'm not even interested in playing facebook games, phone games at all. When i first joined, i don't even know what the heck is LAN party, E-games, Console games etc. I considered it as alien language. But now, at least i know a lot of gaming information, improvement for myself =) I love to play board games after i joined. We had roadshows in shopping malls, universities & colleges, many thanks to them for making it a successful one.

We had quite a few highlights of the event. Of course, those LAN party, LAN competition, E-games, Consoles games, Card & Board games are the normal one, but this year, we had Maid Cafe & Cosplay competition.  If you never came last weekend, you probably missed out a lot of fun.

 I personally like the cosplay competition very much. They're way too cool! They dressed up accordingly to the characters that they liked. Here are some of the pics i took, looking great though i don't know what  they're trying to act. Pardon me cause i'm not a fans of anime, cartoons or whatever.

Two full days event is pretty tiring. First day is a little bit messed up but the second day was so much organized. We had more cosplayers on the 2nd day like batman, kamen rider, etc. They're children who cried because they got frighten by them. Hahaha! Their mom keep pulling their kids to take picture with the cosplayers but they're so afraid. This was the funniest part i met during the event.

Oh ya, not to forget, i was one of the usherer of the day. U know what, every single winner from the facebook like/share contest, dota competition must take a picture, together with their Razer products and meeee! Lol. Well, what is Razer? it's a gaming brand,gamers like their products very much cause it is very expensive but i would never appreciate if u you give me. Give me a Gucci bag will do! Lol.

Lastly, thank you for the awesome bunch of people for making it a great gaming event. It's truly honourable for being part of the team.  Glad to make new friends around too =)

Live seriously, Play casually.

Thanks for spending time reading this post.
Have a great week ahead!

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