Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yes, i'm IN!

This email probably made my day!
i'm shortlisted to go for an interview next tuesday,heeees.
i got my replied this evening when i was in lab. they're efficient enough because i sent my resume on midnight and they response me within 24 hours :)
it's one of my favourite company in my list, so i'm feeling very happy for that.

People, bless me with luck!


Ding Yoong Shen said...

CONGRATZZ !! hope to hear further good news from ur blog yea !! best of luck to you !! :-)

we1x1ang said...

Which company?

Leanne said...

Ding: Thankiu sayang! :) best of luck to you too.

Wei Xiang: i got an interview session with groupon :)