Monday, March 5, 2012

The sweet escape, Penang

My first time been to bukit mertajam with my boyfriend. This is the place where he was born.
he always told me he loves penang very much, well, most of the penang-ians i met love their island very much. Am i right?

 He always told me to go Bukit Mertajam & he will bring me to eat all those famous foods like BM yam rice, raja.uda tomyam mee, lok-lok, kuay-teoh & many more. His dream cames true, i was there during the second week of chinese new year :)

Did a lil shopping in 1st Avenue & off for dinner. Gurney hawker stall is always on my favourite lists although i know this is a money-sucking-eating-place. I don't actually mind as long as i eat something i like. The fried oyster is awesome as well as the ikan bakar. Tummy bloated! :D

Went to kek lok si after dinner. My first time visiting after they renovate, the last time i came, the guan-yin is still in progress. The night view of the temple itself is so beautiful :) Boyfriend also never came before, self-claimed as penang people somemore. Haha.

I should have more picture with me yet the boyfriend lost this penang's picture files. I mad at him for almost a day =(

The next day, he brought me to the famous BM yam rice stall. Not bad though, never tried before. Strait Quey after the late brunch, first time there yet nothing so special for me, it's just a place to chill.

Charlie Brown cafe which located in Strait Quey. My boyfriend didn't know about these, i guess i'm more like a penang lang.

See his face! haha =p

Taken this photo at Strait Quay, how i wish i own a ship like what they do.

Hard Rock Cafe after this, i love that place very much <3

Love you :)

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