Monday, March 26, 2012


Groupon Malaysia, i'm coming to you tomorrow.
first time in life going for an interview for work, not part-time, but for internship.

What's next? Netccentric, heees :)
doesn't know about that? well, u know nuffnang, churp churp, jipaban, milkadeal right? it's all under Netccentric. I'm going for another interview with them next 2 weeks.

hoping the interview would be smooth cause i'm pretty panic already! 
i always stuck at no where whenever i feel nervous. oh please, i don't want to screw up in any of the interview, i wanna present the best side of me to them! 

i need your support, i need your motivation.
all the best, to, myself.


LuPorTi said...

Groupon, then Netccentric. You seem to be hoping to enter these kind of companies for your internship ya.

Lee said...

Yup, kind of hoping to enter social media companies. Well, i did applied few event management companies, no reply at all =(