Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Dragon Year, 2012

I saved this CNY post like a month ago yet i still left it undone even though i've the time. Not going to write much, cause i don't feel like u like reading an overdue post. So, pictures do all the job, enjoy glancing through all the pictures :)

Left: Junyi, the future dentist
Right: Chai, science student as well

Left: Chee Wei@Edwin
Right: BearHung, Wilson

First stop of gathering always happened at my place on the 1st day of CNY! It's like a tradition, i always call my friends to come over my place to gamble.

Night visit at Wingfei's crib with the darling girls :)

Sort of weird drinks.

Left: Junyi
Right: Luyau @ Quinne

Had a real fun time with both of them. Three of us can't stop laughing in the restaurant, we laughed so loud until everyone looked at us. A day filled with laughter :)

Gathered at angie's house for gambling session at night & off to greentown right after. Thanks to MingHan being the driver of mine that night, nice catch up session with him cause he's now studying in singapore & we can barely meet with each other.

Left: Wilson & Karlin (matching outfit)
Right: MingHan, my primary classmate

Wilson, Eric, me, BearHung, MingHan

Another night at my girlfriend's (karlin) crib. She invited quite a number of people to her house. Met some of the old faces there. Had another yumcha session with the sam-tet gangs right after. 

Primary school gathering  the day after. The best night ever with friends. We talked what we used to do in class, gossip about our teacher, discussed who was fall in love with who etc etc. Reminiscing all the days when we're still a primary kids, it feel simply great. Time flies, we're turning in 21st this year. 
Anyhow,I miss that night :)

Beautiful girls =p

Front row: Me, Shu-En, Ruo Chien, Fiona, Kyen
Behind row: Kah Nyin, Hon Lunn, Mee Juen

Headed off to another drinking session with my loves at Healy Mac's Irish Bar @ Greentown.
p/s: Ding Yoong Shen, if u're reading this, see your girlfriend's face, red like a tomato. She drank a lot that night & coincidentally bumped into me. Gotcha! 

Thanks for reading.


Ding Yoong Shen said...
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Ding Yoong Shen said...

Owh owh wait !!!! there is "imaginary-me" in the picture, standing right beside pui yeeng....

p/s : that's simply sad :(. I will make sure that i'm in one of the pictures next time!

Leanne said...

Haha! don't be too sad, i can always crop you out & paste it in the picture! Photoshop will do the job :)

btw, faster come back lah!

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