Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Interview with Groupon is over, pretty easy going =) Received quite a number of wishes from friends simply made me touched, thanks people! I like the working environment in groupon but unfortunately they didn't offer what i wished for. 

I take every single interview seriously cause it's one of reason for me to do better in future. I read up their company's background, i knew clearly what should i want for, i prepared myself before i went for interview.  And, one of the very important thing is CONFIDENT! People won't have time knowing who you are, you're given limited time to impress them, so, present yourself well.

I learnt, and, I grow =)


bankai24 said...

Be confident....first 10 minutes will define the whole interview process. They will want to know more about you after the first 10. :) Also, have fun in an interview, it's not all facts and theory, analytical skills are important as well......You're on your way there. :)

Leanne Lee said...

Hi there, first of all, thanks for dropping by! :) I went for my internship interview in Groupon, unfortunately i can't make it there. Interviews are alws fun but it does make me feel nervous, aiks.

Evon said...

Hi, may i know how was the interview going? is it one with one?