Sunday, March 25, 2012

Exchange Program

Picture above was the Green Club's gathering/farewell  in Tao Cuisine, Sunway Giza for those who are leaving to korea  for student exchange programme & internship. I'm pretty jealous to those who went to korea because it's a great opportunity to widen your knowledge and i believe it marks a memorable memories in life. It's too late when i knew about the program, i'm planning to go for this when i enter my final semester, meaning, before i leave my university.

My university did offered a lot of exchange programs, example: korean, france, australia, china, canada, finland etc. sounds great right? I don't have money to go for all these unfortunately, yet they told me korea is so much affordable. I told my mom once about these and she doesn't seems like supporting me. Well, let's see how things gonna happen. Anyhow, going for exchange program is on my list now, saving is on my list as well. 

 I wanna stubborn for once to go for these if i could. Why not? after i graduate, i wouldn't have these opportunity anymore. Work & travel is totally a different story and i don't think i can do that. Mom told me it's kind of wasting money but i just want to enjoy myself more before i enroll into my working life. I know money is the biggest problem but i'll try. I'm really really interested in this program! :)

Okay, had enough of nonsense already. Goodnight!
All d best in korea mates :) 

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