Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour, Kuala Lumpur

Avril Lavigne
She used to be my idol when i was 14. I fell for her ever since i heard "Complicated" and "Girlfriends".
She's so cool; She's so rock.
and one thing, she never get any older after like 10 years?
thanks to the smokey-eyes she always wore on her face, i never realize she's getting old like seriously. haha!

Do u know what else could represent her in my mind? 
Answer: The pink skeleton

I remembered she came once to Malaysia when i was 15, she had a concert here and i could barely remember i saw the advertisement on 8TV. How i wish i can go that time but it was like a miracle. 
After like 6years, she's finally BACK! I knew it like 1+ months ago before her concert (18th February 2012). I wanted to go but i knew my exam will fall exactly around that time, exam schedule is not out yet, so i gave up not to go. 

Fortunately, a friend of mine was selling off his rock zone's ticket due to it clashed with his party. He got no choice but to sell it in a cheaper price, and i saw that! Heees :) I quickly messaged him and said i want it. The original price for the ticket is RM198 and i got it for RM130. The first thing came across my mind after i reserved the ticket was: "Who the hell i'm gonna go with?" Well, definitely not my boyfriend & i don't want to go with him also. Haha!

I went with one of my girlfriend in my uni, she was once her fans too :) That was our very first time going for an outdoor concert. I went for Justin侧田 concert in Genting 2-3 years before, it was a indoor performances. We're afraid of the queue so we decided to reach Stadium Merdeka around 5pm. 

This is what she wrote for me the before the concert:
"if super crazy fans then will queue from 8 am
less crazy fans will queue at 12pm

normal fans will queue at 5pm"
Then i immediately said: "Okay lah, we're normal fans, so we go around 5pm".

Unexpectedly, when we reached, the queue was rather short. Hooray! :D 
but bad thing is we've got to wait for like 2 1/2 hours before the gate open -.-' 
guess what we did to kill the time? Gossip, not camwhore!

Something did happened that screwed me up so badly. I actually rise up my voice when i talked to those crew. Lesson learnt after that and i swear i'll never gonna repeat the stupid mistakes any-freaking-more! 

Concert was awesome, everyone was jumping when she starts singing. KL was the last stations for her Black Star Tour, how glad i was there with her. Heees :)
You're still as pretty when i first knew you, Avril. You're still that rocks.
Oh yea!

Hearts you! ♥

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