Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Interview with Groupon is over, pretty easy going =) Received quite a number of wishes from friends simply made me touched, thanks people! I like the working environment in groupon but unfortunately they didn't offer what i wished for. 

I take every single interview seriously cause it's one of reason for me to do better in future. I read up their company's background, i knew clearly what should i want for, i prepared myself before i went for interview.  And, one of the very important thing is CONFIDENT! People won't have time knowing who you are, you're given limited time to impress them, so, present yourself well.

I learnt, and, I grow =)

Monday, March 26, 2012


Groupon Malaysia, i'm coming to you tomorrow.
first time in life going for an interview for work, not part-time, but for internship.

What's next? Netccentric, heees :)
doesn't know about that? well, u know nuffnang, churp churp, jipaban, milkadeal right? it's all under Netccentric. I'm going for another interview with them next 2 weeks.

hoping the interview would be smooth cause i'm pretty panic already! 
i always stuck at no where whenever i feel nervous. oh please, i don't want to screw up in any of the interview, i wanna present the best side of me to them! 

i need your support, i need your motivation.
all the best, to, myself.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Exchange Program

Picture above was the Green Club's gathering/farewell  in Tao Cuisine, Sunway Giza for those who are leaving to korea  for student exchange programme & internship. I'm pretty jealous to those who went to korea because it's a great opportunity to widen your knowledge and i believe it marks a memorable memories in life. It's too late when i knew about the program, i'm planning to go for this when i enter my final semester, meaning, before i leave my university.

My university did offered a lot of exchange programs, example: korean, france, australia, china, canada, finland etc. sounds great right? I don't have money to go for all these unfortunately, yet they told me korea is so much affordable. I told my mom once about these and she doesn't seems like supporting me. Well, let's see how things gonna happen. Anyhow, going for exchange program is on my list now, saving is on my list as well. 

 I wanna stubborn for once to go for these if i could. Why not? after i graduate, i wouldn't have these opportunity anymore. Work & travel is totally a different story and i don't think i can do that. Mom told me it's kind of wasting money but i just want to enjoy myself more before i enroll into my working life. I know money is the biggest problem but i'll try. I'm really really interested in this program! :)

Okay, had enough of nonsense already. Goodnight!
All d best in korea mates :) 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yes, i'm IN!

This email probably made my day!
i'm shortlisted to go for an interview next tuesday,heeees.
i got my replied this evening when i was in lab. they're efficient enough because i sent my resume on midnight and they response me within 24 hours :)
it's one of my favourite company in my list, so i'm feeling very happy for that.

People, bless me with luck!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

Boyfriend and I went to 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 this evening. 
Since we both have no activities, so we decided to go for these. It wasn't our first time been to this hot air balloon fiesta so we're not really that excited.

Well, i'm a student studying in cyberjaya, putrajaya is kind of a stone's throw away from cyber. I never experienced any traffic jam at there before but i did it this evening. The fiesta had drawn so much crowd! Seriously, very very much!
  I don't see some of balloon that was captured on the picture (google) above. i've seen many friends of mine posted their picture in facebook, i think i went at the wrong time because i just saw probably 10 balloons only. I don't see those very cute balloons =(

They started to set up all the hot air balloon around 530pm, we reached a little bit earlier than that so we walked around first. When it's about 6pm, most of the balloon were all ready but only a few balloons are ready to fly off.

We both left around 615pm as it was really crowded. On the side note, i'm hungry also. Went off to Kajang for dinner right after. My seafood plan has been canceled off quite a last minute so baby replaced me by another very mouth-watering meal =) Thanks love.

Oh ya, I grabbed the pictures above from google. I don't see both this balloon as well, looks cute right? =(
if you haven't been there before, it's okay cause they'll be back next year again in March!
i guess i spent my weekend wisely, hees. 

Friday, March 16, 2012


TGIF everyone! :)
i just had a very fruitful day with my colleague in Kementerian Belia & Sukan this morning. I always feel happy when i've experienced something new. 
Thanks mates,i learnt a lot of stuffs after i joined the event.

Went to the town around evening for a simple dinner together with his friends.
he always got a bunch of funny, humour friends with him. haha!
i'm gonna spend this weekend wisely because i know the following weeks i'm gonna be busy with school works =(

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Ashton

He's my nephew, Ashton Lee.
he's now a 6-months old babyboy.
i love to play with him every day, his smile always brighten me up.
he got a very nice smile, he can keep laughing while u're playing with him.

I used to post his photos in instagram, with the title- "My little boyfriend, 小情人 "
he's so adorable, so cuteeeee, so irresistible.
I recorded  a video when i was playing with him in the living room few days back.
like the way he smiles, so innocent!

such an adorable baby!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This photo was taken during Gamefest4 roadshow in Sungei Wang last week together with some of the crew. Glad to know some new friends around :)

I'm doing good recently, gonna be pretty busy after this.
i've weekly test starting from next week, coming with case study presentation, assignments, presentations, events, internship stuffs! 7 weeks more to get all these done & i'm gonna work.

Any event management company to recommend me?
i need it!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

When i was fifth

A friend of mine tagged me in this picture. OH DEAR!
i was only 5, looked uber cute & innocent when i was still a pretty little girl.
parents, siblings, relatives told me i look like a caucasion when i was small *happylikekids*

By the way, spotted me already?
i'm on the 2nd row, 4th from the right :)
with the batik dress on me, heees :)

Time flies, i'm turning 21st end of this year.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The sweet escape, Penang

My first time been to bukit mertajam with my boyfriend. This is the place where he was born.
he always told me he loves penang very much, well, most of the penang-ians i met love their island very much. Am i right?

 He always told me to go Bukit Mertajam & he will bring me to eat all those famous foods like BM yam rice, raja.uda tomyam mee, lok-lok, kuay-teoh & many more. His dream cames true, i was there during the second week of chinese new year :)

Did a lil shopping in 1st Avenue & off for dinner. Gurney hawker stall is always on my favourite lists although i know this is a money-sucking-eating-place. I don't actually mind as long as i eat something i like. The fried oyster is awesome as well as the ikan bakar. Tummy bloated! :D

Went to kek lok si after dinner. My first time visiting after they renovate, the last time i came, the guan-yin is still in progress. The night view of the temple itself is so beautiful :) Boyfriend also never came before, self-claimed as penang people somemore. Haha.

I should have more picture with me yet the boyfriend lost this penang's picture files. I mad at him for almost a day =(

The next day, he brought me to the famous BM yam rice stall. Not bad though, never tried before. Strait Quey after the late brunch, first time there yet nothing so special for me, it's just a place to chill.

Charlie Brown cafe which located in Strait Quey. My boyfriend didn't know about these, i guess i'm more like a penang lang.

See his face! haha =p

Taken this photo at Strait Quay, how i wish i own a ship like what they do.

Hard Rock Cafe after this, i love that place very much <3

Love you :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Dragon Year, 2012

I saved this CNY post like a month ago yet i still left it undone even though i've the time. Not going to write much, cause i don't feel like u like reading an overdue post. So, pictures do all the job, enjoy glancing through all the pictures :)

Left: Junyi, the future dentist
Right: Chai, science student as well

Left: Chee Wei@Edwin
Right: BearHung, Wilson

First stop of gathering always happened at my place on the 1st day of CNY! It's like a tradition, i always call my friends to come over my place to gamble.

Night visit at Wingfei's crib with the darling girls :)

Sort of weird drinks.

Left: Junyi
Right: Luyau @ Quinne

Had a real fun time with both of them. Three of us can't stop laughing in the restaurant, we laughed so loud until everyone looked at us. A day filled with laughter :)

Gathered at angie's house for gambling session at night & off to greentown right after. Thanks to MingHan being the driver of mine that night, nice catch up session with him cause he's now studying in singapore & we can barely meet with each other.

Left: Wilson & Karlin (matching outfit)
Right: MingHan, my primary classmate

Wilson, Eric, me, BearHung, MingHan

Another night at my girlfriend's (karlin) crib. She invited quite a number of people to her house. Met some of the old faces there. Had another yumcha session with the sam-tet gangs right after. 

Primary school gathering  the day after. The best night ever with friends. We talked what we used to do in class, gossip about our teacher, discussed who was fall in love with who etc etc. Reminiscing all the days when we're still a primary kids, it feel simply great. Time flies, we're turning in 21st this year. 
Anyhow,I miss that night :)

Beautiful girls =p

Front row: Me, Shu-En, Ruo Chien, Fiona, Kyen
Behind row: Kah Nyin, Hon Lunn, Mee Juen

Headed off to another drinking session with my loves at Healy Mac's Irish Bar @ Greentown.
p/s: Ding Yoong Shen, if u're reading this, see your girlfriend's face, red like a tomato. She drank a lot that night & coincidentally bumped into me. Gotcha! 

Thanks for reading.