Monday, February 6, 2012

Up Up Here We Go - Genting Highland

Right before my final dance presentation, my pwc presentation, my bmg presentation & due date of my report, i went to Genting with my bunch of buddies! I was thinking should i join them at first cause i was real busy, but after considering about all these bullshitting stuff, i decided to go just to relax and have fun with them :)

Not going to write much since pictures will do for me. I'm lazy and i should be studying right now yet i'm here to blog. Heees :)

The diam-diam ubi berisi boy

My favourite girls as usual, how could i left them out?

One of my favourite iphone apps, action cam!

This guy has been missing in action in my blog for a long long time, Wing Fei.


#Double chocolate-chillax time

#loitering around Genting

Eqing: Gong Xi Fa Cai
Wilson: Mana duit aku?

Did something real stupid at the entrance of theme park. Can u spot a "dragon" on the pic below? Hahaha! We did record a video as well, it's with me, still not uploaded yet. Crazy gang i have! <3

Alchol & gambling time at hotel room! Liquor doesn't suits me. #2cups-farking drunk!

He's the first one who get drunk! Haha. Worst than I.

Winner of the game-Sharon Karlin Teo

#Day 2, i was expecting to have outdoor activities with the gang yet we all got up so late. So we decided not to go for outdoor =( It has been about 2 years since i last went to theme park.

They're trying to act like #something, i dont know.

Cantik sekali 



last but not least,YOUUU! yes, the one who reading this, thanks for reading :)

CNY post right next! :)

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Kar Lin said...

are you sure I'm the winner of the game session? HAHA